Creamy Vegan Coconut Millet - Chef Whitney Aronoff | Starseed Kitchen

Creamy Coconut Millet

Millet is a small grain and great substitute for polenta (corn meal). I enjoy preparing it as a side dish or main dish for my clients.  When following a recipe that calls for a side of creamy polenta, consider this recipe that is Vegan, Gluten-Free and Lectin-Free. I use full fat coconut milk and vegetable broth as the flavor agents in place of milk, cream and butter you find in other recipes. Enjoy this healthy grain side for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or prepare for your weekly meal prep.  WHAT IS MILLET Millet is a small grain, that looks similar to quinoa, but with a bright yellow color. In the US, millet refers to the ‘proso’ variety. In Europe and Asia you can find five different varieties of the grain.  Millet is an ancient grain. It is frequently noted in the New Testament, was consumed during the Roman Empire and into the Middle Ages.  The oldest written text that ...Read More