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Raise The Vibration Of Your Food

Chef Whitney Aronoff shares five tips to raise the vibration of your food in episode 113 of the High Vibration Living Podcast. She explains the concept of high vibration foods and how they are considered whole, real, and living foods. The quality of ingredients and the energy transfer during preparation are crucial factors in the vibration of the food. Chef Whitney emphasizes the importance of mindfulness and attitude while cooking and eating. She provides tips for choosing high vibration foods, such as shopping local and in-season, and suggests other sources of life force energy. Finally, she offers five practical tips to raise the vibration of your food, including having a positive attitude while cooking and blessing your food before eating. THE VIBRATION OF FOOD What are high vibration foods? TIPS TO RAISE THE VIBRATION OF FOOD Practical tips to raise the vibration of your food ...Read More