Smoky White Bean & Collard Greens Soup - Chef Whitney Aronoff | Starseed Kitchen

Smoky White Bean & Collard Greens Soup

This is a thick, hearty soup with smoky and spicy undertones. White beans, onion, garlic, celery, carrot, arbol chile, fire-roasted tomatoes, collard greens, parmesan, herbs & spices.  I like to serve this dish to my clients with a fresh loaf of rustic sourdough or paleo bread.  It is a perfect complement to a long workday.  You can find it in my custom meal prep menu rotation for all my clients.  EAT MORE COLLARD GREENS Collards are about of the cabbage family. They are more tender then kale, sweeter, and less bitter then other hearty greens. That is why I like incorporating them into soups, stews and slow cooked meats.  HOW TO BUY COLLARD GREENS When available, do the opposite of what we’ve been trained to do. Buy the smaller collard green leaves. They are more tender and flavorful than oversize leaves. In some cases, especially with vegetables, bigger is not ...Read More