Colorful Freekeh Tabbouleh Salad with Fennel, Pomegranates & Romaine Lettuce for a healthy meal prep lunch - Vegan & Vegetarian

Freekeh, Fennel and Pomegranate Salad

A light Mediterranean salad using the ancient grain, cracked freekeh.  Serve it warm or cold on your green salad with fennel, pomegranates and fresh herbs of parsley and mint. It all comes together with a bright and tart sumac and lime dressing.  Just make it once and you’ll see why my clients frequently request this freekeh salad recipe for meal prep.  WHAT IS FREEKEH My vegan and vegetarian clients like trying all types of heirloom and whole grains. Freekeh (also known as farik or frikeh) for roasted young wheat. It is a traditional food of the Middle East and North Africa (think tabbouleh and mezze platters).  Freekeh is high in protein for a grain (6 grams per serving). Look for cracked freekeh that has been roasted. If buying whole freekeh, plan to soak it over night before cooking.  HOW TO MAKE A FREEKEH SALAD I refer to this recipe when I make it for my ...Read More