Healthy Indian beef stew with bone marrow

Gluten Free Nihari Recipe – Pakistani Beef Stew

I worked with my personal chef client to recreate one of his favorite childhood dishes. A delicious nihari beef stew recipe using organic and grass finished ingredients. This is a traditional Indian and Pakistani nourishing meal with spices, onion, diced beef chunks and bone marrow. A nourishing meal with 8 antioxidant rich spices, onion, water, beef and bone marrow.  My personal chef clients love this traditional Indian and Pakistani beef stew and you will too. It is a perfect recipe for those looking for a healthy stew, or meals that are Gluten Free, Paleo, and Keto. A great way to eat more organ meat too. Lectin free optional (simply don't add chili powder). GLUTEN FREE BEEF STEW Nihari has been a traditional recipe in India and Pakistan for 400 years and I am grateful my clients gave me the opportunity to edit the recipe to support their lifestyle and dietary needs.  This ...Read More

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