A Healthy Chef’s June Day In LA

My one-day clean beauty, healthy food and wellness stops  I schedule an LA day once a month were I run around the city doing all sorts of wellness treatments, along with researching the newest health food trends and restaurants. The day consists of a little bit self-care and a little bit healthy foodie research to inspire me in the kitchen.  This is a glimpse into the life of a health supportive trained chef and what I do to stay be well and stay well. From the healthy eats, wellness modalities and beauty secrets I seek out in LA. There are a lot of shops, restaurants, and wellness professionals I love to visit beyond what is mentioned in this post. This is what was on the menu for me this June.  JUNE DAY IN LA EREWHON MARKET I grab a mid-morning green juice, restock my vitamins and pick up my favorite Goldmine Natural Food Co fermented vegetables at Erewhon Market near The ...Read More

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