Magic Romesco Sauce

This is my healthy take on the traditional Spanish romesco sauce recipe. Spain in known for paprika, and this sauce shows why. Smoked paprika brings a level of depth to this sauce you didn’t know possible. If you are a garlic lover as well, this sauce is for you.  WHAT IS ROMESCO Technically, romesco sauce is a bell pepper and tomato-based sauce that originated from Tarragona, Catalonia. It is a coastal town, just south of Barcelona.  BENEFITS OF RED BELL PEPPERS These days, bell peppers aren’t embraced as often as they use to be because they are a part of the night shade family. It is suggested by some doctors that people suffering from arthritic conditions or chronic inflammation should avoid night shades.  However, these peppers that originated in the Americas have many health benefits, as long as you prepare them properly (peeling and de-seeding). Here are just some of those medicinal ...Read More

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