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Winter Stew

WITH BONE BROTH, ROOT VEGETABLES & LAMB Nothing is better in the winter then a warm, healing meal you can easily reheat three nights in a row. This dish makes it easy for you to enjoy all those healthy foods you keep hearing about: bone broth, root vegetables, bone marrow.  You’ll use bone broth as the liquid base in this stew. Root vegetables like turnips and rutabagas will be a filling starch without the excess sugar you get from other roots & tubers. These lamb shanks are falling-off-the-bone tender, with the bone marrow soft and easy for you to scoop out into the stew.  HOW TO SERVE Serve over mashed parsnip root, millet or wilted greens to soak up the flavorful broth. Add extra vegetables as you like till the whole pot is brimming at the top before going into the oven.  I keep an extra jar of bone broth handy to add to the pot after the first night, so I have generous leftovers ...Read More


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